Blogging for Nurses?

The internet has become an essential part of our daily lives. I personally can’t conceive drinking my morning coffee without getting online to check what happened on the side of the world that was awake while I was sleeping. While the internet has made our access to information more efficient, we might be losing grip on keeping on with our own history. I think blogging can help rescue the rich human tradition of sharing thoughts and recording events (no to be confused with sharing at what place you are eating or drinking on Facebook). I am talking about recording significant events, emotions and elaborating on topics that might change how we see life in the next century and what is more important to me, which is to help our successors to understand how those changes came about. I am by no means an expert on blogging but I can appreciate the relevance of this communication method. Bloggers around the world are creating a tremendous impact on areas such as politics, business and education. One particular case comes to my mind every time I think on the power of blogging and it is the Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez who recently was ranked among top “Global Thinkers” by Foreign Policy Magazine. Sanchez blog comes from a place where freedom of expression is as disregarded as the rights of its citizen to use it; however, despite her disadvantageous position, through her blog, Ms. Sanchez is recording history. Not to politicize this posting, because honestly that would take away from my message, I am thinking of a less explored area for bloggers such as the daily evolution of the nursing profession. We all see that health care changes its path almost on a daily basis and I can’t help it but to think who is keeping track of all this changes? Florence Nightingale did a great deed to humanity by recording in her diary what she was experiencing as a nurse in the 1800s and by analyzing this recorded data; we are able to know today for example that washing our hands is a great way to prevent diseases. Are there any visionary nurses recording (without violating HIPAA of course!) what they seeing on their daily work? Are they sharing it with the world to help others compare and understand similar events? Hopefully the answer is yes but in case my hopes are shattered by a no, I hope this article awakens the writer in you and blogging becomes part of your daily routine just like I drink a daily morning cup of coffee.


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