Nursing Continuing Education Done Right!

At National Healthcare Institute (NHI), we believe that Continuing Education (CE) is the cornerstone of building current knowledge base and specialty specific set of skills for nurses that are not acquired, due to time constrains and curriculum extend, through traditional nursing programs. With the nation’s health care industry evolving at a ferociously fast pace, nurse indelibly struggles to learn and implement new knowledge to their daily clinical practice. With new CE providers emerging everyday on a market that is as extent as the need it is meant to fulfill, many nurses make the mistake of enrolling on programs that are neither what they expected nor what they needed. Provider’s approval by state Boards or Nursing and independent accreditation organizations recognized for their mission to promote high standards of nursing education such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) are rightfully becoming the golden rule of what represents acceptance of these learning activities by professional organizations and licensing boards across the nation. Unfortunately, many nurses still get “trapped” by low price course offerings advertised by companies that are only in pursue of unscrupulous financial gain and in many instances in violation copyright laws. It is important that nurses understand that their need to learn new skills cannot be an impulsive act but a conscientious selection of what is best for them and the community they serve. This selection process not only should include verifying course approvals and accreditation but also inquiring on how credible and current are the resources used to developed a course, how much evidence-based practice information was used and how they will be able to apply what is learned to their specific practice area. The search of new learning opportunities is always a positive practice; however, choosing a credible source of knowledge is paramount to protect the integrity of the nursing profession and general public safety.


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